Location: main entrance at 5 Lawson Street

  • Refer to the Location Page Map for the street entry
  • Refer to the Site Map for the parking entrance location: Temporary alt text
  • Two entrance lanes on off Lawson street
  • Either or both outside lanes may be used by removal companies during off-peak times

Building Navigation: Tower 1, Tower 2, Tower 3, Building G

  • Use the coloured lines throughout customer car park to find your way to the correct building
  • Lifts and building entrances are also colour coded
  • Please avoid using the main car park entry and exit ramps for pedestrian access
  • Blue lines indicate route to Tower 1 and Building A through C
  • Green lines indicate route to Tower 2 and Buildings D and E
  • Red lines indicate route to Tower 3 and Building F
  • Lavender indicate route to Building G

Lifts: for all towers and buildings A, E, F & G

  • Commercial and residential lifts provide access to all high rise towers 1, 2 and 3.
  • Commercial lifts provide access to buildings A (on Lawson street between towers 1 and 2), E (next to tower 2), F and G (next to tower 3)
  • Commercial lifts have open access during business hours
  • Residential lifts require security access devices at all times

Observe signs, Drive with care: 10km/h speed limit

  • The car park is a shared pedestrian and vehicle zone, drive with caution and beware of pedestrians
  • Observe the posted speed limit (10km/h) throughout the car park and entrances
  • Main Basement 1 and 2 thoroughfare is one way only, counter clockwise
  • Observe direction arrows, stop signs, exits, and road markings at all times
  • Pay attention to pedestrians as they move to and from their vehicles
  • Mirrors are provided in key turning locations for your convenience and safety while cornering
  • Information signs are supplied throughout car park for general navigation

Vehicle requirements: Strictly under 2.1m and 2 tonnes, No trailers or campervans

  • Maximum vehicle height limitation is strictly 2.1m to ensure services on the roof are not damaged
  • Maximum vehicle weight is two (2) metric tonnes
  • No trailers, boats, caravans, campervans, or mobile homes are allowed in the car park
  • All vehicles must be insured, registered, and roadworthy

Allocated parking: For Southport Central permit holders only

  • Please take care and park in your allocated car park space
  • Don't park in visitor or customer parking
  • Please give due consideration of other users and common property
  • The carpark spaces must not be used to store anything other than a motor vehicle or motorbike

Residential Visitor parking is available

  • Park in the applicably marked residential visitor (between the yellow columns of Tower 2 basement 2 and Tower 3 basement 1)
  • Please ask the resident you are visiting to let you in or out of the car park as required
  • Parking is limited to the residential parking area only and there is a strict 6 hour parking limit
  • For those with legal entitlement, disability parking is available on basement 1

Commercial & Retail Customer parking is available:
Now with Licence Plate Recognition

  • Short term parking is available for commercial and retail customers during normal business hours
  • Park in the applicably marked commercial and retail customer spaces
  • No need to collect a ticket on entering: your Licence Plate is automatically recorded as your virtual ticket
  • Under 3 hours proceed directly to the exit otherwise stop at a pay station and pay the due amount
  • For those with legal entitlement, disability parking is available on basement 1

Hours of operation: roller door entry hours

  • The following applies to residential visitors, commercial and retail customers:
  • Monday to Friday: 5 am to 9 pm
  • Saturday: 6:45 am to 5 pm
  • Sunday: 6:30 am to 5 pm
  • Note that tenants have 24 hour entry and exit with their security access devices

Visitor and Customer Car Park Fees: Up to 3 hours free per day

  • Parking time is per day: even if you re-enter, your parking time accumulates
  • First 3 hours: Free – proceed directly to the exit and insert your ticket
  • After 3 hours: $10.00
  • After 3.5 hours: $20.00
  • After 4 hours: $30.00
  • After 5 hours: $40.00
  • After 6 hours: $50.00
  • Credit card payment available on all exit lanes
  • Pay station is located on the left before the Lawson Street exit on basement 1
  • Pay station accepts notes, coins and credit cards (except American Express and Diners cards)

Other: Mobile Coverage

  • Mobile coverage in Carpark is currently limited Telstra operators only, see list here
Southport Central Car Park East Entry

Southport Central Car Park West Entry